50/50 2 czerwca 2015

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Płyta, Rok

What So Not Gemini ft. George Maple EP Gemini
bedchamber  Perennial EP Perennial 2015
MUNA    So Special SP So Special 2015
Wilderness Tomorrow Will Be Different EP This World Is Not Ours 2015
The Acorn Influence CD Vieux Loup 2015
Tarcar Eija   CD I Can't Give You The Life You Want 
Cash+David X CD X 2015
Atlas Bound Landed On Mars SP Landed on Mars
ØRKA Tell Me SP Tell Me 2015
Braille Better Than Nothing ft. Angelica Bess CD Mute Swan 2015
Doe Paoro The Wind ft, Adam Rhodes SP The Wind 2015
Hartheim When Did Your Last Rose Die? SP When Did Your Last Rose Die? 2015


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