50/50 29 grudnia 2015

  • 29 grudzień 2015
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Płyta, Rok

Sleigh Bells  Champions of Unrestricted Beauty SP Champions of Unrestricted Beauty 2015
Shylde Fickle SP Fickle 2015
Dorsal Fins Heart on the Floor SP Heart on the Floor 2015
1st Vows It All Came True SP It All Came True 2015
Fenster Memories CD Emocean 2015
Kehlani You Should Be Here SP You Should Be Here 2015
Charles Murdoch  Back To IT (feat. Banofee & Oscar Key Sun) Sp Back To IT 2015
Crescendo Haunted SP Haunted 2015
Janelle Kroll How Do You Know Me? SP How Do You Know Me 2015
Karin Park Stick To The Lie CD Apocalypse Pop 2015
Vök If I Was SP If I Was 2015
Gosh Pith Gold Chain SP Gold Chain 2015
Chvrches Clearest Blue CD Every Open Eye 2015



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