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Na Naszej Orbicie 08/2021

22 marca 2021

Wykonawca Tytuł Album Rok
Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall The Wall 1979
The Edgar Winter Group Free Ride They Only Come Out at Night 1972
Gloss Microphone Shotgun Microphone Shotgun 2021
Julia Stone Fire In Me Fire In Me 2021
The Paper Kites Without Your Love (feat. Julia Stone) Roses 2021
Hollow Graves Marriott Marriott 2021
Patrick the Pan Porozmawiajmy o emocjach Porozmawiajmy o Emocjach 2021
Francis Lung Bad Hair Day Bad Hair Day 2021
Inhaler Cheer Up Baby Cheer Up Baby 2021
Black Honey I Do It to Myself Written & Directed 2021
Slothrust Planetarium The Pact 2018
Slothrust Cranium Cranium 2021
Hunter As A Horse The Passenger Two Magics Vol 1. EP 2016
Hunter As a Horse Walk With Fire Walk With Fire EP 2019
Barbarossa Love Here Listen Love Here Listen 2021
Rhye Beautiful Home 2021
NewDad Slowly Slowly 2021
Kings Of Leon The Bandit When You See Yourself 2021
Kings Of Leon Golden Restless Age When You See Yourself 2021
Jordana Guaranteed Something to Say to You 2020
Bachelor Anything at All Anything at All 2021
Celeste Tonight Tonight Not Your Muse 2021
girl in red 4am 4am 2021
Barbarossa Intuit Love Here Listen 2021
Maximo Park Child Of The Flatlands Nature Always Wins 2021
Julien Baker Song in E Little Oblivions 2021