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Na Naszej Orbicie 01/2023

9 stycznia 2023

Wykonawca Tytuł Album Rok
Iggy Pop The Regency Every Loser 2023
Old Mervs Get Better Get Better EP 2022
DEADLETTER Weights Heat! EP 2022
DEADLETTER Madge’s Declaration Heat! EP 2022
DEADLETTER Zeitgeist Heat! EP 2022
Weird Nightmare Lusitania Weird Nightmare 2022
Weird Nightmare Wrecked (feat. Bully) Weird Nightmare 2022
Heartworms Consistent Dedication Consistent Dedication 2022
City And Colour Meant to Be Meant to Be 2022
Weezer The One That Got Away SZNZ: Winter EP 2022
Iggy Pop Modern Day Rip Off Every Loser 2023
Iggy Pop All The Way Down Every Loser 2023
Sunnbrella Fever Dream A Week Or So EP 2022
Sunnbrella A Week Or So A Week Or So 2022
Emperor Of Ice Cream Winter Pages Winter Pages 2022
Hatchie Nosedive Nosedive 2022
Viruette Call Me Annabel Call Me Annabel 2022
Peter Gabriel Panopticom (Bright Side Mix) Panopticom 2023
Weezer Sheraton Commander SZNZ: Winter EP 2022
Weezer Dark Enough to See the Stars SZNZ: Winter EP 2022
RHODES Good to You Good to You 2023
Moriah Woods Peace Prayer Human 2022
Moriah Woods What Goes Up Human 2022
The Veils Time Time 2023
Ghostly Kisses Back to Black Back to Black 2023

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